It is done.

June 15th, 2012 by Shock forums have successfully merged into’s. We will gradually merge users over time, move threads, and cement TYM’s existence as the most important MK site in the world.


UltimateMK forums will soon be accessible but locked indefinitely. All content is still accessible pending relocation.

Test Your Ultimate Might

June 13th, 2012 by Shock


On this day, in 2006, was born, and opened to public registration after a day of invite only registration. It was conceived in March 2006 in the memory of, and the wake of the death of an OG, the Prophet, Ryan Hutnick. Today, it will rise once more. UltimateMK can in a way be looked at as a parent of KombatNetwork, as KN is a direct descendant of it. Today, we will Test, its Might.

Ryan Hutnick

R.I.P. Ryan, and thank you!

It has begun.

April 11th, 2012 by Shock

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Revolution X Interview with Red Bank Publication “The Patch”

February 1st, 2012 by Shock

Some clips from interviews with Shock, Summoning, 9.95, Hitoshura and footage of the goings on at Revolution X from YesterCades in January. Enjoy!

Watch the interview here!

Kombat Network’s REVOLUTION-X is today! Stream starts at 4pm EST!

January 22nd, 2012 by Tim Static

Today is the day! FINALLY! The first community ran & directed MORTAL KOMBAT ONLY tournament is today, and the action begins with casuals at 4pm EST on the Kombat Network stream, The tourney action starts at or around 5pm-ish. So make sure you got all your Sunday chores taken care of and dinner set to go because you wont want to miss this action!

Couldnt make it to win some of the awesome prizes I sent over? Well I got some MKAK codes to give out during tonights stream. Stay tuned to the stream & make sure you are following me on Twitter at as i will tweet some codes as well. ALSO, added bonus: If I get to 1,000 followers tonight (only just over 100 away) I will post some pictures on proving the MK HD Kollection wasnt a joke or a rumor. A couple pics only seen by few eyes.

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Thanks to the KombatNetwork &!!!

KombatNetwork Presents: Revolution X! Mortal Kombat Tournament at YesterCades in Red Bank, NJ!

December 13th, 2011 by Shock

Early next year, Kombat Network will be running its first Mortal Kombat tournament out of a new venue in Red Bank, NJ. This same venue is where they recently held a “mini-demo tournament” to see how it went and it was a success. With main investors, Shock and summoning, for this tournament we’re hoping to draw in 32 players. This number should not be very difficult to achieve considering most of East Coast’s monsters are likely to attend.

Sunday, January 22nd, at YesterCades in Red Bank, NJ will be the first official KombatNetwork Mortal Kombat tournament. Start time is 4PM for casuals, tournament will begin at roughly 5PM. $15 venue fee, $10 entry fee. Minimum payouts will be $350, $100, $50 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

The event is called “Revolution X.” The venue is a new arcade in NJ that opened in October which hosts primarily 80s and early 90s arcade classics. It will be open for regular business operation during the tournament but we will have an entire wall of the building designated for 3 MK setups. The MK players will have access to all the classic arcade machines and pinball during this time but we of course encourage the MK players to pay attention to the tournament as much as possible. Streaming will be provided by KombatNetwork. Not all matches will be streamed due to time constraints but matches will be streamed throughout the duration of the tournament.

The address is 80 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701. The home of YesterCades which is a 2800 square foot arcade hosting approximately 50 classic arcade machines plus about 10 pinball machines and a pool table. We are working on getting him a couple MK machines and I gave him a list of others, particularly fighting games to consider getting as well.

With that said, for anyone coming and traveling who does want to stay overnight I will gather a list of local hotels and motels. There is a Comfort Inn in Middletown next to an Outback that is about 5 minutes from the venue straight down the highway and is $99 a night. A pricier option is Courtyard Marriot in Red Bank that’s a little farther from the venue and $139 a night. Two hotels in town 2 minutes from the venue are the Molly Pitcher at $139 and Oyster Point but that’s way too expensive around $169 a night. Red Bank is an expensive hang out and tourist area with bars that wouldn’t allow me to step foot in them if I wanted to.If players are going in groups it might be a good idea to pool your rooms together but again, it is a one day event and if only for 8 hours from 4PM until midnight or a little later, we don’t have a set time frame but again I do understand the whole work/school thing for Monday.

No Doubt about it; NoDoubt takes UMK3; btbb99 takes MK2 at NECXII

December 6th, 2011 by Tim Static

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UMK3 was played once again in a hotel in Philadelphia, PA this weekend at a BIG E event, and for the first time, their was No Doubt about the winner.

UMK3 Top 3
1. NoDoubt
2. AC1984
3. vVv REO

MK2 Top 3
1. btbb99
2. vVv REO
3. VSM Summ0ning

For UMK3 AND MK2 results, as well as MK9 & Killer Instinct results, click here to see them all over at!!!

UMK3 at Season’s Beatings Velocity Match Videos

November 3rd, 2011 by Tim Static

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Match videos are in from the UMK3 Tourney at Season’s Beatings Velocity, held in Columbus, Ohio at Momo2 on Sunday, October 16th. Top 3: VSM Shock in 1st, NoDoubt in 2nd and vVv_REO in 3rd. Congrats to you three and to EVERYONE who played UMK3 and MK9 and supported us at SBV!!

UMK3 at Season\'s Beatings Velocity GRAND FINALS

Check out the link to the thread with all the matches from the tourney FOUND HERE!

Patch for MKAK coming, says NetherRealm

September 2nd, 2011 by Tim Static

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The Official Mortal Kombat Facebook page, which is handled by NetherRealm Studios just released a statement concerning the MK Arcade Kollection:

“Thanks to all of our fans who purchased the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection and your continued support. We are aware of the issues with the game and are currently working on a patch to address them for all systems. Our goal is ensure the best gaming experience possible for everyone playing a Mortal Kombat game. Please stay tuned for updates on when a patch will be released.”

Thanks to NetherRealm for a quick response, and thank you to all the players while who were very upset, maintained their poise and acted like mature adults after being disappointed. Trust me, no one is more upset and disappointed than those responsible.

Stay tuned to the Kombat Network for the latest news and info concerning MKAK!!

Official Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Trailer

August 29th, 2011 by Tim Static

Here it is….finally!!

CLICK HERE to watch the Official MKAK Trailer

MKAK comes out first on US Playstation Network tomorrow, 8/30. Then Wednesday, 8/31 for Worldwide PSN, Xbox Live Arcade & Steam (for PC)!!