UMK3, MKII and MKvDC at NECX in Philadelphia, December 5th and 6th

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There will be UMK3, MKII and MKvDC tournaments at NEC this year. The turnout last year for UMK3 was pretty good with 16 players for a virtually unadvertised tournament, and it’s already looking to be good again this year with approximately 30 players showing interest so far.

I will be there Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, December 6th is now the official day for the UMK3 tournament ($5 entry fee) held with the other major games. Casuals for UMK3 will be held all day on Saturday in the side game room, MKII will be held on Saturday regardless as of right now. Whatever the case may be, players should just show up. If everyone who says “I will come out if there are going to be players there” just showed up, there’d be players there.

Also, as an added bonus to UMK3 tournament, Arcade Ed from arcadeinabox is giving me at least a $50 and a $25 gift certificate for products on his site. We can determine how we’ll work that into prize money depending on the outcome.

Both UMK3 and MKII will be played on PCs and we’ll supply 4 (four) UMK3 format sticks to use for both games, so MKII’s will have a run button on them but that won’t make a difference. I do not intend on bringing any 360 pads with me, so if anyone wants to use pad they should bring their own. We’ll also have a couple SF stick layouts available if necessary. We will have 20″ and 24″ wide screen monitors for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve done a lot for the community over the years even before we made ultimatemk, and all we’ve ever asked if for players to get active and represent MK at tournaments, wherever they may be. We can’t be everywhere but we try to run as many tournaments as possible in our region. I’ve run tournaments in 4 states, in Philly this will be the 6th I’ve run, and 8th I’ve been a part of. There have been 3 UMK3 tournaments this year already with double digit player turnouts. They’d be a lot higher if everyone who says they would show, actually did. Tournaments are a great and fun experience, you meet a lot of people, and there are endless games to choose from. You don’t all play just MK.

Start up time either day will most likely begin around 4PM, and I would personally be willing to accept late entries until the first Round is complete, as I generally have leeway on tournament coordination. The later we start, the less likely the tournament will finish. No more 6PM or later starts.

Thank you players, hope to see you there.


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