There is a great change upon us.

Do you believe in the competitive spirit of Mortal Kombat? Do you believe that it should be a respected tournament game with reasonable turnouts and more than regional influence? It is time to change the landscape of competitive Mortal Kombat. We started with UMK3, but we can do more for it, and more for MK in general.

For years, a select few of us helped rebuild a scene and achieved some level of success, garnering technical interest from the fighting game community. Previously, MK games had been regarded almost not even as fighting games at all, but at the very least, UMK3 received some level of respect because its players were adamant about sharing the knowledge and understanding behind the game. This kind of support for a game is what is needed to show others who might be interested that there is something to be interested in. Outside players cannot take seriously, a game that has players who constantly and only fight with each other about unprovable hypothetical scenarios through text, rather than just getting together with others and using application.

We decided to open a site where the existing players could learn about the ideas and strategies for UMK3 without having to sift through the hate. When a fresh influx of new competitors entered the scene in late 2006, naturally, more interest came along with it and the community expanded rapidly. However, disappointingly the community collapsed in on itself and it became clear that things were not going the direction they should, as the hate became internal. No game that started offline with everything else, should only be played online. Now, one year after the single greatest influence on competitive Mortal Kombat was left to determine its own fate, yet another wave of support is starting to be displayed.

Players simply do not want this to end. There is no reason for MK to be left in the dust. The series has much to offer, and while we acknowledge there is a large emphasis on UMK3 in particular, it is also clear that representation from the other games in the series wants to be involved. There is no reason for MK to exist merely as a regionally played game, or as a side game with a handful of players when it has nationwide support. There are tournaments held all over the country almost every weekend and with enough exposure and support, it can all happen.

It should now be more clear than ever, that this site is geared towards MK Tournament Awareness. Can we give this another chance and reawaken the spirit?

Join us.

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