new MK9 Gameplay Footage

It’s looking a lot better. I’m liking sweeps, uppercuts, the jabs, canceling, juggling. Mileena’s roll hits normally from a distance it seems, but the flip it makes them do is like Rain’s MKT Lightning, which is weird, and for some reason they don’t flip when getting hit by the Forceballs, which again I don’t understand. In fact, I don’t know if the Forceballs will be as dominant as they were in UMK3, gotta see more. Sub’s slide making them flip and having juggling properties similar to whatever game that was in previously is a good add for him. Scorp looks to have possibly the forward teleport, air throw definitely, but that stupid ass overhead pop up. If that can’t be blocked low, I’ll say fine, but smashing someone down like a frigging basketball is idiotic. Cage’s counter move looks good, and he gets a jab juggle to flip kick after. XRay supers seem interesting for now. Glad to see a lot of old special moves return like the Ground Freeze, Scissor Takedown, air throws, etc. Not a whole lot of blocking displayed, but it is in there and it looks like the character actually responds to the contact of the hits, where as in the previous games they were plagued by poor collision response during blocking.

That’s it for now, I’ll have more thoughts as I watch more.


One Response to “new MK9 Gameplay Footage”

  1. Joseph says:

    The game is looking pretty slick. Some of the animations I’m not really happy with but I’m willing to overlook that if the gameplay is fun. I’m really digging the character designs, especially Reptile and Sektor. I think the xray moves are a smart addition, its sort of incorporating the fatality concept into the gameplay. I wish the forward dash was a run instead but maybe they want to make a mobility compromise between MK2 and MK3. I mean MK3 heavily favored rushdown and MK2 is a bit more defensive so the dash might balance things out.