Summer Jam 2010 Preliminary UMK3 Results

Although the tournament wasn’t streamed due to time constraints, it was intense.

Full results for UMK3 from Summer Jam:

1. Mr Bass I Got Bass
2. REO
3. AC1984
4. Sans Power
5. Shock
5. 9.95
7. iloveu
7. Tim Static
9. Al Dagod
9. Hubbs
9. Sweet Johnny Cage
9. BlueIX
13. Comeback Kyle
13. Dark Rob
13. Summoning

R3O sent Shock to the losers bracket and Simon finished him off.

Videos are being uploaded slowly but surely. I am having trouble IDing everyone in the videos, so if there are blanks and you know it was you, or matches are mislabeled, please post in the comments so I can fix them.

MKII from Saturday (waiting for finalized results)

1. btbb99
2. Summoning
3. DCIguy
4. AC1984
5. Steve
6. Kyle
7. DreemerNJ
8. Shock
9. TimStatic
10. Ted Crusty


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