The Summit at Summoning’s 9/5/10

Videos from The Summit at Summoning’s are going up right now. If anything, watch them to see Phil knock me out of a tournament for the first time, and the massive projector screen we’re playing on. To put it into perspective, the screen you see is about 12 feet from the camera and the characters are around 3 feet high. The finals were played on a UMK3 cabinet and probably should have been the whole night.

For whatever reason the Finals got set to private but they aren’t anymore. Check them out:

2 Responses to “The Summit at Summoning’s 9/5/10”

  1. 9.95 says:

    2:25 seconds of the Steve N vs. Dark Rob match…LOL.. gives you some great perspective on the size of the screen! LOL

  2. 9.95 says:

    2:25 in the Steve N vs. Dark Rob match…LOL… gives you a great sense of just how big the screen really is! LOL