Winter Brawl Update

Congratulations to David Gem and AC1984 for their first tournament wins this weekend in their respective games. I will post more tomorrow, tonight I’ll start uploading MKII matches and UMK3 tomorrow.

MKII 19 players: (top 3 for now)

1. David_GEM
2. btbb99
3. DCIguy

UMK3 30 players: (top 3 for now)

1. AC1984
2. NoDoubt
3. Shock

MKvDC (turnout total pending): (top 3 for now)

1. REO
2. Tom Brady
3. Rissing

Thanks again to everyone. Probably 50ish MK players in the house for all 3 games over the weekend. Impressive totals guys.

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