History of the Mortal Kombat Scene by Shock

The iPW X TYM: History of the Mortal Kombat Scene article by Shock is now live!


2 Responses to “History of the Mortal Kombat Scene by Shock”

  1. Tim Static says:

    GODLIKE. Thank you, Matt. Wonderful read. You already know how I feel about this from our personal conversations. Ryan, Mike and yourself set the bar, inspired and now, have earned the respect of so many. Still there are many who dont even realize. I will do what I can to spread the word. 🙂

  2. MKRayden says:

    Hello Shock,

    I read your history about mortal kombat and i have same passion about that’s why i did pakistan biggest tournament in Pakistan but however i still don’t very good team we are 24 players in mk in Karachi we also want to do MK9 tournament but right now we have sponsor issue but i hope in future i will do it and i just want to says i wish i could play with your team