Trailer for MK9: BFD or GTFO?

June 10th, 2010 by DreemerNJ

Kotaku has the trailer up of the new Mortal Kombat game. It features locales and characters that are very reminiscent of the 2D games.  Ed Boon claims this is an answer to what fans want, a new 2D engine, gruesome fatalities, etc.

Update: Here’s an embedded copy care of

The new Mortal Kombat trailer.

June 8th, 2010 by DreemerNJ

Update: It appears the image of Sub Zero in the video came from here.

Konqrr created a thread about the new Mortal Kombat trailer.  It is dark, gruesome, and vile.  This complete reimagining of the series, if it turns into something, could be extremely violent and awesome.  Here’s hoping it goes right.

Smithtown Play and Trade Results

January 10th, 2010 by Shock

On nearly the 1 year anniversary of the forum lockdown, we can happily post some tournament results:


1. Shock
2. Joe iloveu
3. “Summ0ning”
4. 9.95
5. SweetJohnnyCage
5. MKVids
7. Alex Rosario
7. Tazer
9. r0kzztar
9. Mike Tyminski
9. Dark Rob
9. Viral
13. Berto
13. Bisonopolis
13. Gerson “ger” Casillas
13. Tom D.
17. Andy Reyfish
17. Big Dick Willy
17. Hatian Sensation
17. Manny G.
17. Matt F.
17. Steve N

22 players I believe entered, several DQs in the losers’ bracket so far as I could tell.

At least half of the tournament was filmed. I believe we only recorded matches that had at least one previously known player.
Videos are uploaded here:

First off, much thanks to the dozen or so new players who all jumped as soon as UMK3 was announced. All these players are highly interested in learning the game and we appreciate that.

Thanks to LI Joe for continuing our ongoing fun-filled NJ vs LI feud.

Thanks to 9.95 for supplying the setup for this event and running the tournament, definitely gave me a break.

Thanks to Steve N for supplying the setup for MKII casuals. I believe the battle number reached about 105 matches.

I had a great time tonight. Very chill scenario for CFN and we had a great time at Applebee’s after with UMK3 SF4 and 3rd Strike players.

Thanks again players. Until next time.

Videos are Online

December 17th, 2009 by Shock

All video footage from NECX UMK3 and MKII tournament has now been uploaded to our server. for UMK3 and MKII

plus for East Coast Throwdown exhibition finals, Shock vs Julian, since the tournament was never finished in May.

UMK3, MKII and MKvDC at NECX in Philadelphia, December 5th and 6th

December 12th, 2009 by Shock

Well, I’m sick as a dog, but I managed to record the remainder of the MKII tournament tonight. It’s grouped as winners, losers, and finals, which contains winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals.

It seems like a couple sets are missing, if anyone who was there can tell me if I screwed up names or what matches are missing, it would be appreciated. I don’t have the patience right now, I don’t even have my glasses on lol.

Thanks again to all the players who showed. Next UMK3/MKII tournament is slated for February 27th, same location as NEC. So any players who said they would show and didn’t, you got enough time to get it in gear and show up, but it’s still close enough that it’s not a huge wait.

I hope everyone gets a good laugh at my MKII skills.

I also just uploaded the finals from the finish for ECT between me and Julian that we did during NEC. Not the greatest, more like BSing casuals done as a tournament. There is a partial infinite with Reptile, and also an uncommonly used Kabal juggle done to the frame so it’s entirely inescapable, several missed attempts at 4x axe with Nightwolf.