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Konqrrs XBLA Hidden Character FAQ Guide

1. How do I unlock the Hidden Characters?

You have two options. The most common being Offline with two controllers and, the other is Online with one controller and a friend to help you input the code(s).

Here's How:

Offline (Two controllers required):

Step 1 - Start up a One Player game in Arcade Mode and intentionally lose to the computer. This is most efficiently done by picking the far right Master column as the cpu difficulty is much greater.

Step 2 - DO NOT CONTINUE (Don't Press the A button)

Step 3 - Let the timer run down to zero. You can speed this process along by holding any button except the A button.

Assuming you have no characters currently unlocked (why would you need this FAQ if you did), You will then see a screen with one, two, or three 10-digit code lines all marked with the Dragon Coin icon.

UMK3 UKK Screen

This code would read 00000-00000 as the Dragon Coin is Kombat Kode #0 meaning "no buttons pressed".
Here are the buttons you use for each digit in the code:

For each button press, you get a different icon.
The number indicates how many times the button is pressed.

0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9

The codes are as follows:

22264 22264
22264 22264

12344 44321
12344 44321

Classic Sub-Zero
81835 81835
81835 81835

UMK3 Unlocked

Step 4 - Now, you only have 10 seconds to input the correct code and if you are not prepared, you will get frustrated very quickly. Go over in your head which buttons you need to press and how many times you need to push them.

You can push more than one button at a time. A good example would be the code for Mileena (22264-22264), you could make it easier to push all five buttons together two times each instead of doing them individually. Then press the B button and the X button together twice, and finally the B button two more times to finish the code. Using this method, you only press 9 button combinations per controller instead of 16.

Step 5 - Once you have entered the code for one controller, you need to move on to the other controller to complete the code. This can be difficult for one person, but there is a trick to stop the timer so you can easily make the transition from one controller to the next. Just press the Guide button to stop the timer.

Online (One controller only!):

This method is simple, but only usable for one match. Any Hidden Characters unlocked via this method are gone in the next match.
You can repeat this code until you have unlocked all three Hidden Characters.

Pick any characters (it doesn't matter who you pick, once you do the code, fail or not, you will be taken back to the select screen), then enter the following Kombat Kode at the Versus Screen:

642 468
642 468

This code is to play the hidden Space Invaders type game before you fight in the arcade version, but for this XBLA version on the Xbox 360, the code takes you to the UKK screen right after it says "Fight!". From here, follow the instructions above to input a Kombat Kode.

2. After I unlock the Hidden Characters, they are gone when I start the game again! How can I keep the Hidden Characters saved on my Xbox 360?


Under NO circumstances, DO NOT accept an invite to play UMK3 unless you have loaded the game and entered Arcade Mode! You MUST use one of the below methods to keep the hidden characters saved BEFORE you accept any invites.

There are two known methods of keeping your characters saved and they both involve starting Arcade Mode once you launch the game. Until Digital Eclipse or Midway release a patch for the game, you will have to use these methods to keep them. Good thing it's pretty simple!

  • Method #1 is used on consoles where you are playing the game on the same console that you used to buy the game. This means that you do not have to be connected to Xbox Live to play the full game.

    1. Start a single player game in Arcade Mode and let the character select screen load to confirm your hidden characters are unlocked.
    2. Exit out of Arcade Mode and go play online!

  • Method #2 is used on consoles where you MUST be connected to Xbox Live to play the game. This is usually because you are a victim of RROD and got a new console or a new Xbox 360 and haven't switched over the licenses yet.

    1. This method requires that you sign into Xbox Live. You do not need a Gold account, however.
    2. BEFORE YOU LAUNCH THE GAME, make sure you are NOT signed into any profiles on your system.
    3. Launch the game.
    4. It will ask you to sign into a profile. Hit the B button to cancel out. DO NOT sign into your profile at this time!
    5. Once the game finishes loading, select Arcade Mode from the menu. It will ask you to sign in to a profile again. This time do it.
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