UMK3 at Season’s Beatings Velocity Match Videos

November 3rd, 2011 by Tim Static

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Match videos are in from the UMK3 Tourney at Season’s Beatings Velocity, held in Columbus, Ohio at Momo2 on Sunday, October 16th. Top 3: VSM Shock in 1st, NoDoubt in 2nd and vVv_REO in 3rd. Congrats to you three and to EVERYONE who played UMK3 and MK9 and supported us at SBV!!

UMK3 at Season\'s Beatings Velocity GRAND FINALS

Check out the link to the thread with all the matches from the tourney FOUND HERE!

UMK3 Results from Season’s Beatings

October 17th, 2009 by Shock

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From Tim Static:

Here is the final rankings of the tourney held on October 16, 2009 – The SB4 UMK3 Championship:

1. Lex
2. iloveu joe
3. Jakki
4. JohnnyCakes
5. FLoE
6. Calm Warrior
7. Tim Static
8. Moses
9. Lucky Day
10. Larry

Might as well get this ready to go!

UMK3 @ SB4

First off, big thanks to my close friend, Karen Clayton for stepping up to help me get the cab there after my buddy came down with the flu and couldnt help me this weekend. (get better, Tom!)

2nd, big BIG THANKS to Lucky Day for making the control panel almost new. Couldnt have done it without you bro. I owe you big time!

3rd. HUGE thanks to Fugee and Ghaleon for their love and commit to this yearly get together, but there love for UMK3 too. I promised them last year I’d have this cab up there for SBIV, and it happened. Those 2 guys are beyond awesome.

Lastly, without the players, it wouldnt have happened. Thanks to those who drove from Chicago to play MK. Thats the type of dedication that makes me giddy with excitement. Its always an honor to have Lex there, but to Johnny Cakes and to good ol’ LONG ISLAND, iloveu JOE. It was an honor my friend. Thank you for being such an awesome sport as you went from about every area in the building! THANKS TO ALL!!

Again, thanks to all. Props to , &

See you next year, at Seasons Beatings 5!!