UltimateMK Full Forum Reopening and ECT update

May 14th, 2010 by Shock

Over the last few months we’ve opened the tournament section of the forums on a test basis to see how things would go after having closed them for one year. So far, things have gone well and our regrouped moderation staff has worked out fine, if only monitoring one forum.

We have decided to fully reopen the forums and remember, respect the moderator staff first and foremost as well as the other members. If there is a real issue and you feel the need to contact the admins, please make sure you have a case based on the rules of the site and not what you think the rules should be. Everyone is welcome but everyone is welcome to follow our rules.

The moderator staff has been carefully chosen so if anyone has a personal issue with anyone we have selected, you should remember to just act as if you are a new member and use the proper etiquette everyone else must. This will ensure that you will have no problems.

Also, ECT, hosted by John and Joe is coming up in under 10 days, May 22nd and 23rd, taking place in Morristown, NJ. Anyone who wishes to attend, please check the tournament and matchmaking forums for details on booking rooms and signing up.

Currently the list of players is approximately 20 – 25 and the top 8 will be streamed live on Sunday with the other major tournaments. This tournament should be the biggest one of the year and the focus on UMK3 is something that hasn’t been seen in some time.

We are very happy to host for players from all over the region, and sometimes travel over 1000 miles just to play competitive UMK3 in person. This ECT will be no different as there are players slated to attend representing 6 states currently.

I encourage anyone within reasonable traveling distance to make the effort and come out for this tournament and show the rest of the fighting game community that there is depth and support for the UMK3 scene. Our numbers have recently topped some of the other side tournament games and we would like to see this start happening at tournaments in other regions.

UltimateMK.com is a sponsor for ECT, courtesy of site user and moderator Tim Static, who will also be attending the tournament itself. You can all thank him for that showing of gratitude towards the site, as he does whatever he can to support it, even when it is not asked or required.

Again, thanks to everyone who has participated on the site and we look forward to seeing some activity on the forums once again.

Shock and DreemerNJ