UMK3 at Summer Jam in Philadelphia August 14th and 15th.

July 14th, 2010 by Shock

Originally posted here: Summer Jam in Philly will be hosting UMK3, and possibly MKII tournaments at Summer Jam this year. Mostly like MKII will take place on Saturday as a free side game (or at most a $3 entry fee), and if we have time, maybe a free PSX MK Trilogy Tournament, but that’s just an afterthought for now. Big thanks to Big E, who invites to all the majors he runs and we try to be there as often as we can to ensure a smooth tournament with all the necessary tools is possible for the dedicated players who turn out.

UMK3 will be hosted on Sunday and at the very least the top 3 will be streamed. I’m hoping we can get the semis for at least the losers streamed as well, but we’ll take the Winners Losers and Grand Finals. It will be played on MAME, and projected on our own smaller setup (50″ on the wall) for casuals if there there is room, otherwise, it’ll be run on a TV.

We will supply at least 5 different dedicated UMK3 arcade sticks based on our personal inventory, and at least 2 PSX gamepads. Remember, gamepads are very annoying to configure over and over in MAME when someone wants their shoulder buttons a certain way, so please be prepared to play on a specific configuration. We will try to get that squared away if possible early on, so if you have a specific gamepad you wish to play on that you will use for other games, we will need to configure it and make an additional setup for you. It might be best to try what we supply first and see if it works for you.

Right now, for UMK3 we have at least 16 players expected, with more to come so we’re looking at:


1. Shock
2. 9.95
3. Summoning
4. iloveu
5. AC1984
6. SweetJohnnyCage
7. LI MAverick
8. DarkRob
9. Comeback Kyle
10. Julian
11. DreemerNJ
12. BlueIX
13. Kona
14. Flare
15. Steve N.
16. Al Dagod
17. JusDave
18. Malevolencia
19. Juggneetto
20. REO
22. Sans Power

If this list holds, we’ll most likely exceed 20 with additional players. If any players are missing from the “likely to be there” list, let me know. If the tournament reaches 32 players, Eric will throw in another $50 to the pot.