Smithtown Play and Trade Results

On nearly the 1 year anniversary of the forum lockdown, we can happily post some tournament results:


1. Shock
2. Joe iloveu
3. “Summ0ning”
4. 9.95
5. SweetJohnnyCage
5. MKVids
7. Alex Rosario
7. Tazer
9. r0kzztar
9. Mike Tyminski
9. Dark Rob
9. Viral
13. Berto
13. Bisonopolis
13. Gerson “ger” Casillas
13. Tom D.
17. Andy Reyfish
17. Big Dick Willy
17. Hatian Sensation
17. Manny G.
17. Matt F.
17. Steve N

22 players I believe entered, several DQs in the losers’ bracket so far as I could tell.

At least half of the tournament was filmed. I believe we only recorded matches that had at least one previously known player.
Videos are uploaded here:

First off, much thanks to the dozen or so new players who all jumped as soon as UMK3 was announced. All these players are highly interested in learning the game and we appreciate that.

Thanks to LI Joe for continuing our ongoing fun-filled NJ vs LI feud.

Thanks to 9.95 for supplying the setup for this event and running the tournament, definitely gave me a break.

Thanks to Steve N for supplying the setup for MKII casuals. I believe the battle number reached about 105 matches.

I had a great time tonight. Very chill scenario for CFN and we had a great time at Applebee’s after with UMK3 SF4 and 3rd Strike players.

Thanks again players. Until next time.

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